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Monuments and Memorials of Washington DC


Course Master: Ali Zohery, Ph.D


 Course Description
Washington DC , the capital of the United States of America is one of the most attractive cities in the world. What gives the nation’s capital its unique status is the presence of the monuments and memorials. There is no other city in America with many memorials and monuments than Washington DC . They include the World World II Memorial, The Vietnam war Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, The Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial, The Abraham Lincoln Memorial, Benjamin Franklin Memorial, The Washington DC Monument, and many others. This course will acquaint the students on the role, function and importance of these monuments and memorials for their individual historical knowledge and how it can impact their future roles in their views and livelihood in America .


Course Objective
The objective of this course is two folds: 1) to ingrain in the students the importance of the monuments and memorials in Washington DC . Monuments and Memorials have their place in the past, present and future. All students regardless of discipline ought to know the landmarks of the country they live in. Students take great concerns on the past events, deeds and misdeeds of their forebears. These facts and many other unanswered questions in the minds of young students can better be resolved when they study the memorials and monuments. 2) Washington DC monuments and memorials constitute a significant aspect of historical data for future American politicians, anthologists, writers, sociologists and scientists. The only place to have a firm grasp of these is to be imbued with ample knowledge about monuments and memorials in Washington DC .


 Student’s Requirements

a)      Be able to attend classes and on time

b)      Be able to participate in class discussions and assignments

c)      Be able to read all the required texts for this course.

d)      Be able to tour all the memorials and monuments in Washington DC

e)      No cellphones, no ipods or pagers will be allowed in class



Course Text

Heller, A. (2006). Monuments And Memorials of Washington , D.C.  Schiffer Publishing.

Teaching Schedule




General Introduction of Washington DC


Introduction of the various memorials and monuments in Washington DC


World War II Memorials


Vietnam War Memorial


Korean War Memorial


Franklin Roosevelt Memorial


Thomas Jefferson Memorial


Benjamin Franklin Memorial


Washington DC Monument


General Pulaski’s Memorial


The Iwo Jima Memorial


The Arlington Cemetery

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