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Ethics in Judaism Christianity and Islam

Zohery University offers an array of opportunities for students to understand the fundamental ethics in three popular religious beliefs viz: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. A series of lecture, seminars and workshop will be offered to students at minimal costs. The first day will be dedicated to face-to-face lecture in the classroom setting on the values, principles, and importance of ethics in these religion.

Classes will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM-4 PM on the first weekend of the month.  Saturday classes will be devoted to lecture only. Sunday classes for general discussions on ethics on all the three religions.

Students are required to pay $ 25.00 for each day. and $45.00 for two days.

Major credit cards are accepted for payment. For more information call Dr. Ali Zohery on 202-437-1295 The Following are the samples of Judaism, Islamic, and Christian Ethics to be discussed.


Islamic Ethics


  1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the perfect man
  2. The Sincere
  3. The modest
  4. The Humble
  5. The polite
  6. The Austere
  7. The gentle
  8. The Kind
  9. The Truthful
  10. The just
  11. The Merciful
  12. The forgiving
  13. The generous
  14. The hospitable
  15. The peaceful
  16. The friendly
  17. The peaceful
  18. The friendly
  19. The most persistent person
  20. The contented
  21. The most educated
  22. The courageous
  23. The most loved
  24. The rational
  25. the champion of equality
  26. the most practical
  27. The most impartial
  28. The most self-Disciplined
  29. A – non – racist and world leader
  30. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the environment
  31. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the noble preacher
  32. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the Wise
  33. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the scientist
  34. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the eloquent
  35. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the Orphan
  36. His Affection for Children
  37. His Steadfastness, Patience and Perseverance
  38. His Tolerance
  39. His Morality
  1. His Mercy For Prisoners of War
  2. His Grace
  3. His Cleanliness
  4. His Support for the Family
  5. His Harmony
  6. His Optimism
  7. His Chastity
  8. His Integrity
  9. His Ambition


Christian Ethics

1)    Sharing

2)    Grieving

3)    Power and Politics

4)    Authority and Obedience

5)    Jesus and Peace

6)    War

7)    Same Sex Marriages

8)    Circumcision

9)    Euthanasia

10)  Organ Donation

11)  Capital Punishment

12)  Contraception, Children and Family

13)  War and Peace

14)  Love of Animals

15)  Charity

16)  Exemplary ( Book of Luke and Mathew)

17)  Pride

18)  Arrogance

19)  Abortion

20)  Jesus and earthly Ambitions

21)  Christians and Law

22)  Jesus and Adultery

23)  Birthing and dying

24)  Race and Gender

25)  Wasting and Consumption

26)  Christians and Politics

27)  Christian Love and Justice

28)  Poverty

29)  Discipline and Trust

30)  Marriage, Remarriage and Sex

31)  Washing Feet and Preparing for Service

32)  Wealth, Property and Theft

33)  Giving Gifts


Judaism and Ethics

1. Humanity

2. The Bible and holy books

3. Worship and Rituals

4. Gender Issues

5. Sexuality

6. Identity Issues

7. Funerals

8. Judaism and Animals

9. Honoring Parents

10. Morality

11. Love of neighbor and Stranger

12. Natural Law and Moral Law

13. Judaism and Marriage

14. Judaism and Vegetarianism

15. Judaism and Feeding the Hungry

16. Chastity

17. Envy

18. Retribution

19. Temperance

20. Simplicity

21. Compassion

22. Anger

23. Natural Goodness

24. Forgiveness

25. Brotherly Love

26. Vice/ Virtue

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