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Two years Tourism Program


First Year ( First Semester)


TRS 101- Introduction to Tourism

This course will introduce the fundamental basics of tourism. Focus will be placed on the nature and function of tourism. Students will be able to learn the history and place of tourism in the life of mankind and how it has shaped the life of people in the last centuries.


1) Introduction to Tourism (Paperback)
by Leonard J Lickorish (Author), Carson L Jenkins (Author)
2) An Introduction to Travel & Tourism by John Ward (Paperback - Jul 2000)
3) Introduction to Commercial Recreation and Tourism: An Entrepreneurial Approach, Fourth Edition by John C. Crossley, Lynn M. Jamieson, and Russell E. Brayley (Paperback - Sep 1, 2001) 


TRS 102-  Tourism and Management

Course Description
This course will inculcate the different types of management skills needed in the Tourism industry. Emphasis will be laid on the leadership skills and how this skills can be acquired in order to satisfy the needs of the tourists. Another emphasis will be laid on tourism planning and development.



1 )Tourism Management, Second Edition: Managing for Change by Stephen Page (Kindle Edition - Oct 26, 2006) - Kindle Book
2 )Tourism Management Dynamics: trends, management and tools (Tourism Futures) by Dimitrios Buhalis and Carlos Costa (Kindle Edition - Sep 8, 2005) - Kindle Book
3) The Business of Tourism Management by John Beech and Simon Chadwick (Paperback - Aug 30, 2006)


TRS- 103  Tourism and Marketing

Course Description
This course will introduce the role of Marketing in Tourism.  The basic principle in business marketing and how it can be applied to tourism will be the focus of this course. Students will also learn public relation and advertising techniques in tourism.


1) Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns: Using Branding and Events to Attract Tourists by Bonita Kolb (Paperback - Mar 13, 2006)
2) Successful Tourism Marketing by Susan Briggs (Paperback - Feb 1, 2001)
3) Travel and Tourism Marketing by Dotty Oelkers (Paperback - Jan 5, 2006)  



First Year (Second Semester)

Course Description


TRS 104.    Environmental Tourism

Course Description


This course will be based on the importance of the environment and how it can affect the Tourism business. Students will be able to learn how the geography of the environment is important for a tourism business to be successful. Some environmental factors like road network, transportation facilities, maintenance, and gentrification and how it can affect the tourism business.


1) Tourism and Global Environmental Change: Ecological, Social, Economic and Political Interrelationships by C. Michael Hall and Stefan Gossling (Kindle Edition - April 16, 2007) - Kindle Book   
2) Environment and Tourism (Routledge Introductions to Environment) by Andrew Holden (Kindle Edition - Mar 16, 2007) - Kindle Book
3) Toxic Tourism: Rhetorics of Pollution, Travel, and Environmental Justice (Albma Rhetoric Cult & Soc Crit) by Phaedra C. Pezzullo (Hardcover - Feb 4, 2007)  


TRS 105. International Tourism


Course Description
This course will acquaint the students on the role and importance of International tourism in the era of globalization. Emphasis will be placed mostly on the requisite knowledge needed for the understanding of different nations and their approach to tourism. Students will learn the different policies and ethics as it relates to international tourism.


1)   Embracing and Managing Change in Tourism: International Case Studies by Eric Laws, Bill Faulkner, and Gianna Moscardo (Kindle Edition – April 16, 2007) - Kindle Book 
2)   International Cases in Tourism Management by Susan Horner and John Swarbrooke (Paperback - Jan 13, 2004) 
3)   An International Handbook of Tourism Education (Advances in Tourism Research) by David Airey and John Tribe (Kindle Edition - Nov 7, 2005) - Kindle Book 


TRS 106. Hospitality Management

Course Description
This course will introduce the students to the fundamental issues on hospitality and how it can be applied to tourism and tourists. They will acquaint themselves on the basic notion of customer care, reception, social relations, humility and cultural ethics in the context of multi-culturalism in Tourism.


1)  Introduction to Hospitality Management (2nd Edition) by John R.

       Walker (Paperback - Jun 26, 2006)

2)  Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry by Tom Powers and Clayton W. Barrows (Hardcover - Feb 28, 2005)
3)   Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, Eighth Edition and NRAEF Student Workbook Package by Tom Powers, Jo Marie Powers, Clayton W. Barrows, and NRA Educational Foundation (Hardcover - Feb 28, 2005)   


Second Year ( First Semester)
TRS 201.    Peace through Tourism

Course Description
This course will emphasize the need for world peace through tourism. Students will learn how meaningful dialogue with tourists can lead to world peace. The fundamental issue with tourism is co-culture and students will be able to learn how co-cultures could achieve global peace through tourism. Interpersonal and group communication will also constitute a vital element in teaching peace through tourism.



1)    Peace through tourism.: An article from: Parks & Recreation by Mohammed Khamouna and Jeffrey B. Zeiger (Digital - Jul 28, 2005) Cultivating Peace: Conflict and Collaboration in Natural Resource
2)    Management by Daniel Buckles (Paperback - Mar 2000) 


TRS. 202.   Human Resource Management

Course Description
This course will deal specifically with the knowledge and skill necessary for a successful resource manager. The challenges of new technology in the era of globalization must be grappled with by the human resource manager. The knowledge of both the internal and external environment as it pertains to tourism will constitute one of the core concentrations of this course. An effective HR is one with requisite technical know-how that is able to sustain the growth and progress of an organization.


1) Human Resource Management (10th Edition) by Wayne Mondy (Paperback - May 23, 2007) Advantage Books: Human Resource Management: Essential
2) Perspectives by Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson (Paperback – Mar 10, 2006)
3) A Framework for Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler (Paperback - Nov 28, 2005) 


TRS. 203.  Research in Tourism

Course Description
This course will acquaint the students on the importance and use of social science research methodology to understand tourism. Research is a vital tool necessary for the background, present and future implications of any given discipline. Students will learn the qualitative and quantitative research skills as can be applied in tourism. The focus will be mostly on applied research technique since the tourism business is in need of innovations for the overall satisfaction of both the promoters and consumers.


1) Tourism Research Methods: Integrating Theory with Practice by Brent W. Ritchie, Peter Burns, and Catherine Palmer (Paperback - Sep 10, 2005) 
2) Research Methods for Leisure & Tourism: A Practical Guide by A. J. Veal (Paperback - Jun 30, 2006) 
3) Qualitative Research in Tourism: Ontologies, Epistemologies and Methodologies (Routledge/Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism, and Mobility.) by Jenny Phillimore and Lisa Goodson (Kindle Edition - Mar 16, 2007) - Kindle Book 

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