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Zohery University VISION STATEMENT

The university mission, and our first priority, is the education of our students through quality undergraduate and graduate programs. Zohery University works to be known for the purposeful integration of liberal and applied learning that provides our students with the knowledge, skills, and moral and intellectual virtues that form the basis for life-long learning and contribution.  We affirm the importance of scholarship and public service.  We support the exploration of the frontiers of knowledge, the integration of ideas, the connecting of thought to action, and the inspiring of students. The university maintains extensive continuing education and public service programs to serve the needs of our varied constituencies, and it makes the results of its academic efforts available for public scrutiny by all our constituents.

Zohery University measures progress toward its mission through five priorities:

  1. Believing in the primacy of student learning, we will continue to develop high quality learning environments both in and outside of the classroom.
  2. Believing in the importance of faculty and staff and their role in student success, we will continue to invest in faculty and staff development.
  3. Believing in the value of the wise use of new technologies in learning and teaching, we will continue to provide the technology, the related training, and the support needed to create and maintain high quality learning environments for learners.
  4. Believing in the value of service to others, we will continue to serve the educational, cultural, and economic needs of Washington.
  5. Believing that we are accountable to the people of the Washington, we will continue to diversify our sources of revenue and manage the resources entrusted to us.
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